Private Sounds with Viv Corringham: A film from the What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound Like Workshop

In this presentation, Viv encourages researchers to think about how privacy is intimately related to notions of identity and how the sense of privacy changes on a moment by moment basis. Viv’s work also encourages researchers to think about how physical space interacts with someone’s emotional space and how adjusting physical space influences the senses of privacy.

VOME Workshop: What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound Like? Viv Corringham from VOME on Vimeo.

Viv Corringham is a Sound Artist who communicates other people’s private thoughts. She listens and records them during a walk of their familiar route, walking by their side, later to re-walk their route on her own, singing to their stories she’s listened to.  She calls the recordings ‘Shadow walks’ and says her voice becomes a ‘ghost’ of the memories and associates.  Viv says people literally undress for a sound recording, as they would for if being painted; being painted or recorded merging into a space where people reveal privacy in different forms.

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August 9, 2011