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Rika’s Red face: A film from the "What does privacy look feel & sound like" Workshop

“Rika Deryckere is a figure painter. Some of her work focuses on the erotic and she often presents a “naked and brutal reality”. In this short film, she reflects on her work and shows some of her erotic art that emphasises privacy in its intimate form. In her talk, Rika also draws out different states of privacy ranging from anonymity, to isolation and intimacy and reflects on how it is possible to be in several of those states simultaneously.”

More details on the workshop, its objectives and an outline of the process can be found here

There’s so much there in Rika Deyricke’s presentation.  You’ll see Rika  captured on film with her own craziness and fun, with a tiny pinch of vulnerability and a depth of thought.  ‘The only truth we have at our disposal is hidden within us, unless of course, we elect to share it with others.’ Rika quotes from Simon Lane.

Rika Deryckere from VOME on Vimeo.

Link here to read Freya’s complete thoughts on Rika’s presentation.