VOME Presentations:

VOME continue to provide a platform for  our researchers, relevant community practitioners, stakeholders and industry experts to meet, present and talk through the VOME project. This takes a number of forms, including participation in the Festival of Social Science, Art workshops, Grass Roots debate and Design Presentations.

Below is a selection of our recent activities and film from these events:

Mapping the Intangible: Experimental Design Practices.

The Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) project hosted a presentation evening event at the Design Council, Covent Garden on the 22nd March.
At this event, VOME presented some of the artistic output from the VOME project and presented a talk on experimental design practices by Peter Hall, Design Educator and Critic, University of Texas. In his talk, Peter Hall explained approaches to creating visualisations of societal issues using artistic input and social research and discussed the potential role these approaches might play in technology design.

On film:

An introduction to our use of art and design- this is an introduction to VOME’s thinking about the use of art in the technology design process. This is one of the more experimental aspects to VOME and is part of our research methods work package.
The potential for the use of interactive mapping in interface design – this talk provides a background to cartography, explores the use of cartography as an interface and considers how emotional aspects to privacy might be expressed in interface design.

VOME Internal Workshop: What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound like ?

VOME hosted a workshop for artists at the Drill Hall in London on March 3rd and 4th. The overall aim of the event was to work with artists from a variety of genres to explore how we experience privacy in our everyday lives and the different ways in which we articulate the emotions related to how we experience privacy. Each artist developed a provocation to help the workshop participants frame and think about a privacy related issue. Below are some films of those provocations.

On film:

Reetta is a mime actress, and here is her take on the theme of privacy. This first film entitled “Private Moments” is Reetta’s provocation based on the theme of identity. The audience interact with Reetta to uncover aspects of her identity that she typically keeps hidden. This provocation helps VOME researchers to think about the different aspects of identity and identity management and some of the sense in which identity is negotiated
The second film we release is Jonathan’s provocation in which he focuses on presenting 10 thoughts and anecdotes on technology, privacy and visibility / invisibility and relates these to his own experience.  His presentation is thought provoking.  From these 10 thoughts / anecdotes you can also learn more about Jonathan and how he operates.
Our third release presents Rika Deryckere.  You’ll see Rika captured on film with her own craziness and fun, with a tiny pinch of vulnerability and a depth of thought.  ‘The only truth we have at our disposal is hidden within us, unless of course, we elect to share it with others.’ Rika quotes from Simon Lane.
Justin Durrel is presented in our fourth release. Justin’s knowledge of the web is vast, his thoughts fresh and on the beat, naming things as is – he certainly does not beat around the bush.  From Baltimore he comes to Europe bearing his cultural roots with pride.‘I don’t believe that privacy exists on the net, I don’t actually believe that privacy exists anywhere anyway’, Justin says.  He thinks this thing about wanting privacy is a modern day phenomena, historically we were content to live much closer, more people living in the same space, close knit communities – there wasn’t much privacy then, he says
Our 5th release is titled “Private Sounds with Viv Corringham”.
Viv Corringham is a Sound Artist who communicates other people’s private thoughts. She listens and records them during a walk of their familiar route, walking by their side, later to re-walk their route on her own, singing to their stories she’s listened to.  She calls the recordings ‘Shadow walks’ and says her voice becomes a ‘ghost’ of the memories and associates.  Viv says people literally undress for a sound recording, as they would for if being painted; being painted or recorded merging into a space where people reveal privacy in different forms.
Karina Townsend is a bit of a music geek. In our 6th release from the workshop, Karina talks about her personal relationship with technology and how technology enables her to express aspects of her identity. The desire to express her identity hasn’t changed over the years, but technology has and with it, Karina’s ability to express and explore different aspects of who she is.
Athina Antoniadou’ s filmed version of her presentation at the VOME Privacy Workshop for Artists captures some of Anthea’s essence, but not fully.  You need to meet her in real life.   The filmed version of her presentation at the VOME Privacy Workshop for Artists captures some of Anthea’s essence, but not fully.  You need to meet her in real life.
This is an excellent example of ‘Real Life’ delivering the goods, versus viewing the digital version.  You cannot smell someone if they are on screen.

VOME Workshop: Delivering public services online: How does it change the status quo?

As part of its on-going work to contextualize the on-line privacy debate, The Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) research project, recently hosted a workshop to explore the implications of digitizing public service delivery.
The workshop covered:
1.      The potential for using on-line technology in formal and informal education as well as across public services in general.
2.     The implications for the service provider and for the citizen (young and old) of digitizing public services.
3.     Designing on-line public services from a privacy and consent perspective.

On film:

Grass roots debate and its importance to VOME
Technology in schools and responding to internet safety
The policy of transparency and implications for privacy

Festival of Social Science Week

VOME participated in the EPSRC Festival of Social Science week. Our event titled  ‘Exploring Privacy: Your Privacy and the Internet’” was held at the  Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens on Saturday 13th March 2010.

This event provided an opportunity to share  thoughts about online identity and privacy. There was a short performance to introduce the topic in a thought provoking manner, followed by a discussion and interactive activity to record the audiences thoughts and conclusions.

On film:

Privacy and office politics