Mapping the Intangible: Experimental Design Practices

Lizzie Coles -Kemp – Project Manager for VOME,  introduces the project and sets the scene for  the Key note speaker. In this introduction, Lizzie explains a little of the ways in which VOME works with the art and design communities.

Link here to view Lizzie’s presentation:

Abstract of Presentation by Peter Hall, Design Educator and Critic, University of Texas.

Mapping the Intangible: Experimental Design Practices
In recent years, designers, architects and artists have increasingly turned to mapping as a means of researching and visualizing complex problems, and revealing potential solutions. Drawing from cartographic practices, but questioning the limitations of traditional maps, many recent mapping projects explore how overlooked interests and seemingly immeasurable elements like emotions can be visualized using collaborative methods and technologies. In this talk, Peter Hall discusses the emergence of mapping as a design process and asks what technology design might learn from these experimental approaches to understanding and visualizing socially constructed concepts such as privacy, networks and identity.

Link here to View Peter Hall’s presentation

Images from the Presentation

The work that Lizzie and Peter are presenting is based on stimulus from VOME’s art workshop entitled “What Does Privacy Sound, Feel and Look Like?” The process we followed in the workshop is outlined here.

For the workshop each of the eight artists produced a provocation. We are releasing one provocation per week during June and July 2011. The provocations will be listed below as each becomes available:

The list starts with the first film from the artists’ workshop entitled “What Does Privacy Sound, Feel and Look Like?”.

Here is Reetta’s provocation based on the theme of identity. The audience interact with Reetta to uncover aspects of her identity that she typically keeps hidden. This provocation helps VOME researchers to think about the different aspects of identity and identity management and some of the sense in which identity is negotiated.

“Private Moments” – a provocation by Reetta