Art (participatory)

Videos - Participatory Theatre

Collage in Middlesbrough: VOME and the Festival of Social Science 2011 (Written by Freya Stang)

VOME took part in the festival of Social Science at Middlesbrough Railway Station, October 2011. The people of Middlesbrough participated in an artistic co-creation of a Visual and Sound Collage, using the topic of On-Line Privacy. Margareth the Clown and a small team of performers used themed character interactions helping to stimulate thought and creativity.

Athina’s Insight: A film from the What does Privacy Look Feel & Sound Like Workshop

Anthina Antoniaouis is calmly intense, holds a steady gaze and   drinks her vodka double, neat, poured over ice cubes.  She is a woman with depth, she has learned about life. And she produces exciting, thought provoking art.

"Private Moments" – a film from the workshop "What Does Privacy Sound, Feel and Look Like?"

Here is Reetta’s provocation based on the theme of identity. The audience interact with Reetta to uncover aspects of her identity that she typically keeps hidden.