VOME NEWS – Release of film from "Privacy Workshop"

VOME is releasing one video per week for the next eight weeks. Each individual film is a specific social commentary on a privacy related topic developed by an artist for one of our workshops. Our artists are from a variety of genres, and all participated in our “What does Privacy Look, Feel and Sound Like?” workshop, so look out for some interesting and though provoking film clips. For more details on the workshop and the process we followed, click here.

Private Moments -A film from the Workshop “What does Privacy Sound Feel and Look Like” – Reettta’s  pure essence – a provocation that was developed to explore thoughts on the nature of identity and identity management.

As part of its work, VOME has engaged with art and design communities as we work to envision different ways in which privacy and consent technologies might evolve. Art and design disciplines have also helped to enrich VOME’s current technology development programme. VOME is focused on grassroots debate and interaction on privacy issues across all sections of the community.
In support of the evolving discussion prompted by the alternate viewpoints on privacy highlighted by these videos, an artist from the VOME community will be leading blog discussions on our art and design programme.
You can find all the film related to this part of our work here:


June 16, 2011