The current list of VOME publications:

For copies of any of the following papers, please email Lynne. (we are working on getting copies of our papers available to download)

Public sector engagement with online identity management  in Identity in the Information SocietyVol 3, Number 3, Dec 2010. David Barnard-Wills and Debi Ashenden,  Department of Informatics & Systems Engineering, School of Defence & Security, Cranfield University

A Systematic Evaluation of the Communicability of Online Privacy Mechanisms with Respect to Communication Privacy Management:  Periambal L. Coopamootoo and Debi Ashenden, Department of Informatics & Systems Engineering, School of Defence & Security, Cranfield University

Trap Hunting: Finding Personal Data Management Issues in Next Generation AAC Devices:   Joseph Reddington,Teesside University, Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Information Security Group, Royal Holloway University

Desigining Usable Online Privacy Mechanisms: What can we learn from Real World Behaviour ? Periambal L. Coopamootoo and Debi Ashenden

Contextualised Concerns: Michael Dowd:  The Online Privacy Attitudes of Young Adults:  Existing research into online privacy attitudes, whilst useful, remains insufficient. This paper begins by outlining the shortcomings of this existing research before offering a fresh approach.

Service users’ requirements for tools to support effective on-line privacy and consent practises:  Kani-Zabihi.E & Coles-Kemp

Understanding users requirements with respect to privacy: A mixed-method research methodology: Elahe Kani-­‐Zabihi (Royal Holloway,University of London)  & Eileen Wattam (University of Salford)

“What’s out there?” An evaluation of Online Identity Management research report

Lizzie Coles Kemp and Elahe Kani-Zabihi present a paper titled Privacy and Consent: A Dialogue Not a Monologue

Alison Adam, Danijela Bogdanovic, Michael Dowd, Eileen Wattam: Privacy On-Line: Something must be done/Must something be done ?

Christian J Bonnici & Lizzie Coles Kemp introduce  A paper on Electronic Consent Management

Lizzie Coles-Kemp from VOME was the guest editor for the privacy and consent issue of Elsevier’s Information Security Technical Report. Included in the issue is an article by VOME researchers from Salford University, Sunderland City Council and Royal Holloway.

Researching the online Privacy concerns of older people:  A VOME presentation at the Digital Cultures Workshop , Salford University, summer 2009