Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Principal Investigator

Lizzie is a sociotechnical researcher, interested in people’s information security and privacy practices. Put simply: she is interested in why people do what they do with information,  how they protect it and why they protect it in the way that they do. Her two main areas of research are:

1.     Organisational information security and privacy practices

2.     The privacy and security implications of the “information society”

Lizzie’s particular focus in each case is the interaction between humans and security and privacy technologies, how each influences the other and how practices and technologies can be adjusted to achieve the desired security and privacy outcomes.

Lizzie is primarily a qualitative researcher who is interested in research that spans across multiple modes of research, i.e. research problems that require different analytical lenses from different disciplines in order to explore the problem in the necessary depth. Current interdisciplinary collaborations include: social research extensions to formal evaluations of security ceremonies, the use of subcultural analysis in security policy design and the role of queer theory in the design of privacy communication technologies.