Researchers from the Information Security Group (ISG) at Royal Holloway, University of London, Salford and Cranfield Universities are participating in a three year collaborative research project with consent and privacy specialists at Consult Hyperion and Sunderland City Council, to explore how people engage with concepts of information privacy and consent in on-line interactions. Meet the team, and the associates we have collaborated with along the way, below.

Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Lizzie is a sociotechnical researcher, interested in people’s information security and privacy practices.

Elahe Kani-Zabihi

Dr. Elahe Kani-Zabihi joined VOME in January 2010. She is working closely with Martin Helmout to develop the VOME prototype.

Martin Helmhout

Martin's current research focus is in management of personal information

David Barnard-Wills

David's research focus is online privacy and consent, including E-Safety and online identity management. He also designed and developed the Privacy educational card game.

Kovila Coopamootoo

Kovila is a member of Cranfield’s VOME team. She is currently studying for her PhD, exploring how the usability of online privacy can be improved

Debi Ashenden

Debi is Senior Research Fellow in Information Assurance in the Department of Information Systems at Cranfield University, Defence Academy of the UK

Eileen Wattam

Eileen is currently a research fellow on the VOME project as part of the Salford team

Alison Adam

Alison researches ways in which technologies may disadvantage the privacy of some social groups, and the ethical issues involved in inscribing privacy protection in the design of information systems.

Danijela Bogdanovic

Dr Danijela Bogdanovic is working as a Research Fellow in VOME’s Salford team.

Michael Dowd

Michael is a member of VOME’s Salford team and is currently engaged in PhD research

Conn Crawford

Conn is Strategic Officer at Sunderland City Council and has been working with VOME since 2008.

Dave Birch

Dave is a Director of Consult Hyperion, who have worked with VOME researchers to develop and build prototype user support mechanisms

Freya Stang

Freya is a theatre maker, theatrical clown, writer and facilitator. Her work with VOME has been to help further research on people's experience of privacy and identity. She has led VOME’s public engagement through performance and art.

Erica Packington

Erica provides project support to VOME, with a focus on introducing VOME researchers to service providers.

Lynne White

Lynne provides administrative and project support to VOME, and is based at Royal Holloway University

Wolter Pieters

Wolter has been collaborating with VOME in the interdisciplinary field between information privacy and information ethics

Joseph Reddington

Joseph occasionally works as a collaborator with the VOME project in the area of accessibility and inclusive design.

Giampaolo Bella

Giampaolo has collaborated with VOME to develop models of decision making.