Art (provocation)

Videos - Art As Provocation

Collage in Middlesbrough: VOME and the Festival of Social Science 2011 (Written by Freya Stang)

VOME took part in the festival of Social Science at Middlesbrough Railway Station, October 2011. The people of Middlesbrough participated in an artistic co-creation of a Visual and Sound Collage, using the topic of On-Line Privacy. Margareth the Clown and a small team of performers used themed character interactions helping to stimulate thought and creativity.

25 people, 1 question: What does online privacy mean to you?

We took to the streets of Nottingham (well, installed ourselves in the main tent at GameCity) to ask people what online privacy meant to them. See what they had to say:

Music Video: Internet Saint or Online Demon?

Internet Saint or Online Demon? is a music video produced by Hudson’s Youth Project (Newham, London) in association with VOME, MasterCutz recording studio and MO-AM.

That waiting thing/Technology and Privacy: A film from the What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound Like Workshop

In this film, Karina talks about her personal relationship with technology and how technology enables her to express aspects of her identity.

Private Sounds with Viv Corringham: A film from the What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound Like Workshop

In this presentation, Viv encourages researchers to think about how privacy is intimately related to notions of identity and how the sense of privacy changes on a moment by moment basis.

Rika’s Red face: A film from the "What does privacy look feel & sound like" Workshop

In this talk, Rika draws out different states of privacy ranging from anonymity, to isolation and intimacy and reflects on how it is possible to be in several of those states simultaneously