FREYA: What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound Like – Karina

That Waiting thing/ Technology and Privacy

Thoughts in general:
Who said that waiting holds virtue?
Why be Zen about waiting?
What on earth is this waiting thing about?
Who decided that waiting was a great thing to do?

If there is a play that drives me nuts, it’s the Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’:  They, the Three Sisters, are waiting and waiting throughout the play, throughout their lives, withering and growing older by the day.

Imagine that, you go out for a lovely evening to the Theatre and you end up seeing a play that is all about waiting.  It can’t get much worse than that.  Apart from, that is, spending your own life in a constant state of waiting.

Instant gratification, therefore, is a good alternative.

A quick analysis of the Pro’s and Con’s:
To Wait for something / versus / Not to Wait for something

(I’ll start my list here,  continue yours wherever you like):

Waiting: The Pro’s
-Waiting is often seen as a classical virtue, this could have a positive effect on your life

-If you wait for something you really want, it might be extra special and wonderful when it arrives

Waiting: The  Con’s
-By the time you get whatever you’ve been waiting for, it might be an enormous let down, a great big disappointment, its too late, you’ve moved on, and you may not want it after all.

-The stark reality is that what you have been waiting for may never actually happen.…, which  means an awful lot of wasted time, energy, hopes and dreams for: Absolutely Nothing

Not waiting / Instant gratification: The Pro’s
-Feels great
-You don’t waste your time waiting

Not waiting / Instant gratification: The Con’s
-You could so totally overdose on it

The Instant Gratification- Versus the Long Wait.
What would you choose?
Me, I choose the Quick Fix: Instant Gratification.
Hurray for the Internet!
The Internet wins.

I can download music or anything else, whenever I want, really, really quickly.  I love it.  Just like that, whiz, bang, and it’s on my laptop.  Its great to get things quickly, faster, more and more, more is not enough, fast is not enough, a higher speed – get it on, thank goodness, what a relief, no its stuck, I can’t believe it!!! I can’t have it now?  What do you mean? I need an upgrade?  I don’t have the time.  Do you hear me?  I just don’t have time.

Looking at the evolvement of technology  / versus time, makes me feel about 100 and that I am entitled to have had a telegram from the Queen long ago.

Technology dates you.

My IPOD:  In the Apple Store young sales assistants mil around and refer to my IPOD as an item of antiquity.  I thought it was still rather new and hip.

Mobile phone: I really didn’t think I would need one.  What was the matter with having a landline?

Television: At home, when growing up, we used to have a black and white TV.

Playing music:  We also had a record player and then acquired a brand new cassette player too.

E-mails:  I just didn’t get it at first, and thought writing Memos a perfectly acceptable way of continuing to communicate at work.  Until I found out that I had a few hundred unanswered e-mails in this thing called an Inbox.

Thinking about this makes me sweat.

Which is why it’s so great that I am now going for the instant ‘Quick Fix’ way of life.

I love it that Karina plays the Ukulele with Garage program to a bit of T-Rex, during the VOME Privacy Workshop for Artists presentation.  It’s a Karina private moment shared with us, not to be missed for anything.  It’s refreshing and it’s fab.  It’s the kind of thing you might get to see some people do in the privacy of their own home.  She did it for us.

Playing the Ukulele to a bit of T-Rex with Garage is an excellent example of how technology and the Internet can help enable you too, to do what you really want to do in life, whilst you keep your privacy intact.

The thing is, nobody in the world need know what you get up to.  You can be the whole band, every single member, including the singer (just play around with the settings for this, if you sound a bit off-key), in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  And you get to keep your day job.  Nobody can say you’re too young, too old, too this, too that.  Nobody you know will bring a downer to this venture by judging your performance, as they won’t know anything about it.

It’s wonderful.  In the meantime you can achieve musical fame over the Internet, under an assumed name and gain a fan base following. This way you can give it a good go, then decide if you what to go public and step out of your secret world.

You will no longer have the hassle of worrying about needing to move City, Region or Country.  Or need to go undercover in disguise.  With technology and access to go On-line you can follow your hearts desires, have masses of fun, do whatever it is you want to do – in a perfectly private manner.

Good luck!

Next time I write to the Cyprian artist Athina Antoniadou’s presentation