Conn Crawford

Conn is Strategic Officer at Sunderland City Council. He has considerable experience of developing and leading strategic information technology initiatives in the public sector, including Derwentside “Infonet” broadband network, the regional information society initiative, Northern Informatics (NIAA) and Sunderland City Council’s 2nd Telematics Strategy.

Conn has worked at Sunderland City Council since 2000. He led the development of “Trust Services Infrastructure” (a liberty ID-FF enabled platform). He represents Sunderland City Council as a member of the WSPES PKI consortium (a FP6 E10 project) and is a member of the local government Advisory Panel to Identity Management Strategy Group (Normington). He is Sunderland Business Champion seconded part time to DCSF (Moorfoot) – currently working on Youth opportunity Card / Empowering Young People Pilot as Sunderland is a pilot area.

In 2007, Sunderland won the Communities and Local Government Digital Challenge competition receiving £3m to deliver its plans for a digitally enabled community that will benefit some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded people in the area. As the winner of the Digital Challenge, Sunderland is recognised as an exemplar of using ICT technologies to tackle social exclusion.