VOME Associates

VOME work with a number of Industry Experts and Associates. Here we find out a little more about them.

Frances Sturt
VOME outreach and Art Co-ordinator.

Her current role is blogging on the art video’s. Here’s what she has to say.

“I’ve been asked by VOME to write about my thoughts on the VOME artists presentations. I’m sometimes known as Frances Sturt or Freya Stang. I shall blog as Freya. I started to work with VOME 18 months ago as a mime artist and was part of the group that put together a mime based on VOME’s first set of research findings. I then came back to work with VOME ┬áto develop a workshop entitled “What does privacy sound feel and look like?” The films we are going to see over the coming weeks come from the workshop.

I’m a performer and studied theatre at Desmond Jones school of Mime and Physical Theatre, learned clowning in London, Boulder , Kristiansand and Florence, and am now at Helikos School of Internazionale di Creazione Teatrale in Florence. I specialize in character work, movement and clowning.

The films you’ll see are from eight different artistic disciplines (Theatre / Movement / Sound / Music / Visual Arts) from six countries. The workshop was run over two days and promoted artists and researchers working together. It was hugely interesting to keep crossing the boundaries between the rigour of research and the laterality of artistic application. The left and right side of the brain both were hugely stimulated and we started to put form / sound / movement / colour to the concept of privacy.

Each artist developed provocation. For the next eight weeks, VOME will be releasing one of these provocations, and I will be blogging about it and about whatever else seems important to me at the time.

It would be great if you can write thoughts and comments on the presentations and topics and share them too. My thoughts are really just what I think about these things, it would be really interesting to find out what you think.”


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