Justin Durrel: Where Privacy does not exist. A film from the "What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound Like Workshop"

Our fourth release from the “What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound like Workshop” presents Justin Durrel.

“In this provocation, Justin Durrel reflects on notions of anonymity and the power it can give us. Justin contextualises the opening of his talk in the US interview: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/375428/february-24-2011/corporate-hacker-tries-to-take-down-wikileaks which sadly we can’t show in the UK. However, nevertheless, Justin raises a number of interesting questions and challenges some of our traditional research notions of anonymity. The second part of the film shows a very energetic interaction between researchers and artists in which some of the roles of anonymity in society are debated.”

More details on the workshop, its objectives and an outline of the process can be found here

Justin Durrel – Pt 1 from VOME on Vimeo.

Justin Durrel – Pt 2 from VOME on Vimeo.

Justin Durrel is accelerating forwards as an artist and theatre-maker.  His knowledge of the web is vast, his thoughts fresh and on the beat, naming things as is – he certainly does not beat around the bush.  From Baltimore he comes to Europe bearing his cultural roots with pride.

‘I don’t believe that privacy exists on the net, I don’t actually believe that privacy exists anywhere anyway’, Justin says.  He thinks this thing about wanting privacy is a modern day phenomena, historically we were content to live much closer, more people living in the same space, close knit communities – there wasn’t much privacy then, he says.

Link here to read Freya’s complete thoughts on Justin’s presentation


July 11, 2011