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VOME project summary: citizen centric privacy by design

So, what have we been up to, these past 3 and a half years? This leaflet, also available in printed form, gives an overview and outline of the activities VOME has undertaken.

Download the leaflet here, or contact us if you’d like a printed copy.

VOME design principles – print and fold leaflet

One of the key outputs for the VOME project was a set of design principles to help service providers understand and respond to the privacy, consent and information needs users shared with us over the course of our research.

We have produced a leaflet explaining the core concepts, which you can download here.

If you would like a copy of the full design principles, please do get in touch


Privacy Game – now available to download under a Creative Commons license

A game to communicate and explore privacy and consent issues

The Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME project) has been working on a card game to support the discusison and teaching of issues of online privacy and consent.

The game is designed for 3-5 players and is playable in about half an hour.

The game emerges from research that the VOME team have been conducting into people’s experiences of privacy and consent online, and how they understand these issues. It also draws upon research into the most effective ways to communicate information on these topics. The aim is to develop alternative conceptual models of online privacy which enable users to make clearer choices about online disclosure.

The game is now available to download and print here. If you would like a higher resolution version, you can access that here via DropBox.

The game is licensed under Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) by Royal Holloway, University of London on the behalf of the VOME project partners. This means we would love you to print the game out, use it and share it, as long as you make sure you attribute it back to us, don’t make money from it, and don’t change it.

For greater detail about the game development, please see

Played the game? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your feedback here.

Justin Durrel: Where Privacy does not exist. A film from the "What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound Like Workshop"

Our fourth release from the “What does Privacy Look Feel and Sound like Workshop” presents Justin Durrel.

“In this provocation, Justin Durrel reflects on notions of anonymity and the power it can give us. Justin contextualises the opening of his talk in the US interview: which sadly we can’t show in the UK. However, nevertheless, Justin raises a number of interesting questions and challenges some of our traditional research notions of anonymity. The second part of the film shows a very energetic interaction between researchers and artists in which some of the roles of anonymity in society are debated.”

More details on the workshop, its objectives and an outline of the process can be found here

Justin Durrel – Pt 1 from VOME on Vimeo.

Justin Durrel – Pt 2 from VOME on Vimeo.

Justin Durrel is accelerating forwards as an artist and theatre-maker.  His knowledge of the web is vast, his thoughts fresh and on the beat, naming things as is – he certainly does not beat around the bush.  From Baltimore he comes to Europe bearing his cultural roots with pride.

‘I don’t believe that privacy exists on the net, I don’t actually believe that privacy exists anywhere anyway’, Justin says.  He thinks this thing about wanting privacy is a modern day phenomena, historically we were content to live much closer, more people living in the same space, close knit communities – there wasn’t much privacy then, he says.

Link here to read Freya’s complete thoughts on Justin’s presentation

Rika’s Red face: A film from the "What does privacy look feel & sound like" Workshop

“Rika Deryckere is a figure painter. Some of her work focuses on the erotic and she often presents a “naked and brutal reality”. In this short film, she reflects on her work and shows some of her erotic art that emphasises privacy in its intimate form. In her talk, Rika also draws out different states of privacy ranging from anonymity, to isolation and intimacy and reflects on how it is possible to be in several of those states simultaneously.”

More details on the workshop, its objectives and an outline of the process can be found here

There’s so much there in Rika Deyricke’s presentation.  You’ll see Rika  captured on film with her own craziness and fun, with a tiny pinch of vulnerability and a depth of thought.  ‘The only truth we have at our disposal is hidden within us, unless of course, we elect to share it with others.’ Rika quotes from Simon Lane.

Rika Deryckere from VOME on Vimeo.

Link here to read Freya’s complete thoughts on Rika’s presentation.

Jonathan’s Private Thoughts: A film from the "What does privacy look feel and sound like" Workshop

This is the second film from the “What does privacy look feel and sound like” workshop. Jonathan’s presentation focuses on presenting 10 thoughts and anecdotes on technology, privacy and visibility / invisibility and relates these to his own experience.  His presentation is thought provoking.  From these 10 thoughts / anecdotes you can also learn more about Jonathan and how he operates. The VOME researchers, amongst other things, used this provocation to think about how our interaction with technology changes our perceptions of self and how technology affects us and we affect technology.

More details on the workshop, its objectives and an outline of the process can be found here


Link here to read Freya’s complete thought’s on Jonathan’s presentation

VOME NEWS – Release of film from "Privacy Workshop"

VOME is releasing one video per week for the next eight weeks. Each individual film is a specific social commentary on a privacy related topic developed by an artist for one of our workshops. Our artists are from a variety of genres, and all participated in our “What does Privacy Look, Feel and Sound Like?” workshop, so look out for some interesting and though provoking film clips. For more details on the workshop and the process we followed, click here.

Private Moments -A film from the Workshop “What does Privacy Sound Feel and Look Like” – Reettta’s  pure essence – a provocation that was developed to explore thoughts on the nature of identity and identity management.

As part of its work, VOME has engaged with art and design communities as we work to envision different ways in which privacy and consent technologies might evolve. Art and design disciplines have also helped to enrich VOME’s current technology development programme. VOME is focused on grassroots debate and interaction on privacy issues across all sections of the community.
In support of the evolving discussion prompted by the alternate viewpoints on privacy highlighted by these videos, an artist from the VOME community will be leading blog discussions on our art and design programme.
You can find all the film related to this part of our work here:

"Private Moments" – a film from the workshop "What Does Privacy Sound, Feel and Look Like?"

Reetta’s pure essence

This is the first film from the artists’ workshop entitled “What Does Privacy Sound, Feel and Look Like?”.  More details on the workshop, its objectives and an outline of the process can be found here.

Each artist was asked to develop a provocation related to the theme of on-line privacy. Here is Reetta’s provocation based on the theme of identity. The audience interact with Reetta to uncover aspects of her identity that she typically keeps hidden. This provocation helps VOME researchers to think about the different aspects of identity and identity management and some of the sense in which identity is negotiated.


Watching Reetta’s presentation you see a glimmer of Reetta as she really is, pre performance.  A private moment of the actor captured.  The moment before ‘going on’, when you don’t know for sure what will really happen as there is audience involvement and it all depends on how they accept your proposals, react and interact.  Making sure you’re ready, in Reetta’s case: props, costume, makeup and music – not too high / not too low.  Had the audience interrupted Reetta’s pre-set up, she would have had a momentary loss of control of the illusion she wished to create.

Link here to read Freya’s complete thoughts on this presentation

Design Council Presentation: Mapping the Intangible, Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Lizzie Coles -Kemp – Project Manager for VOME,  introduces the project and sets the scene for  the Key note speaker. In this introduction, Lizzie explains a little of the ways in which VOME works with the art and design communities.

Lizzie Coles-Kemp presents “What does privacy look, feel and sound like” from VOME on Vimeo.

VOME Presentation. Mapping the Intangible, Peter Hall

The Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) project hosted a presentation evening event at the Design Council, Covent Garden on the 22nd March.

Peter Hall Presentation at the Design Centre: Mapping the Intangible from VOME on Vimeo.

At this event, VOME presented some of the artistic output from the VOME project and presented a talk on experimental design practices by Peter Hall, Design Educator and Critic, University of Texas. In his talk, Peter Hall explained approaches to creating visualisations of societal issues using artistic input and social research and discussed the potential role these approaches might play in technology design.

Abstract from the presentation